Samuel Golding


Samuel V. Golding founded Community Choice Partners, Inc. in 2013 (a California benefit corporation) to assist municipal governments and community non- governmental organizations in achieving their energy policy goals by evolving and expanding the Community Choice Energy (CCE) industry. He was previously the Managing Director of the consultancy that created Community Choice, and a utility management and Distributed Energy consultant at KEMA, Inc.

Mr. Golding is recognized as a pioneer of the “CCE 2.0” and “CCE 3.0” business models — providing CCE agencies advanced operations and inter-agency governmental joint-action collaborations on procurement and services at-scale — and is routinely asked to present at industry events, workshops and webinars as an educator, community organizer, management consultant, CCE regulatory and governance expert, technologist and strategist.

Mr. Golding’s clients have included start-up and operational Community Choice agencies, county and city municipal governments, labor unions, environmental and social justice nonprofits, and publicly-owned utilities in California. He also serves in a volunteer capacity on the Sierra Club California’s Energy and Climate Committee and the California Alliance for Community Energy (comprised of social and environmental justice nonprofits).



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