Eric Nunnally

SCE – Engineering Manager

Grid Modernization Planning & Technology

Eric Nunnally graduated from California Polytechnic University, Pomona with a BSEE and began his career at Southern California Edison in Distribution Engineering, focusing on long term system planning. Eric has since focused on special project assignments, including SCE’s first ever Distribution Resources Plan (DRP) filed in 2015, and crafting their first ever Grid Modernization Volume for the 2018 General Rate Case.

Eric recently joined the Standards and Interoperability Team for the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Power & Energy Society (IEEE PES) whose focus is to improve grid communication and interoperability through timely development of standards by partnering with industry, national laboratories, and strengthen work with the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel.

In his current role as the engineering manager for Grid Modernization Technical Process & Workforce Readiness, Eric helps to define and execute SCE’s grid modernization vision, technical strategy and implementation plan, and necessary steps to prepare SCE’s utility workforce of the future.

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