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Delivery avialable Mon – Fri, 10am – 16pm

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Co-founder and CEO
AES Solar Power Ltd.

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R.F. Hemphill (Bob to those that know him) was a cofounder of the AES Corporation– a highly regarded global electric power generating and distribution company– with Roger Sant and Dennis Bakke back in 1981. Bob served as its EVP. The company grew from a one million dollar six person startup, to its current size– approximately 27,000 employees and owns and operates 38,000 MW of power plants in 21 countries around the globe, is publicly listed on the NYSE, and had approximately $18 billion of revenues in 2013.

Recently, Hemphill was the sole founder and CEO of AES Solar Power Ltd from its inception in March 2008 until the sale of the company in December 2013. AES Solar was a leading developer, owner and operator of utility-scale photovoltaic solar plants connected to the electric power grid. These installations, ranging in size from less than 2 MW to more than 250 MW, consist of large arrays of land-based solar photovoltaic panels that directly convert sunlight to electricity. Under his leadership, the company designed, permitted, financed, built and operated fifty-one solar plants (526 MW and 2.5 billion in assets) in seven countries: Spain, France, Italy, Bulgaria, Greece, India and the US.

He graduated Magna Cum Laude from Yale University and earned an MA from UCLA and an MBA from George Washington University. He served as an airborne infantry officer in the US Army in Vietnam, and in the Special Forces.

Bob is the author of two books: Dust Tea, Dingoes & Dragons: Adventures in Culture, Cuisine & Commerce from a Globe-Trekking Executive (November 2014) and Stories from the Middle Seat: the Four Million Mile Journey to Building a Billion Dollar International Business (January 2016).

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Senior Vice President of Operations

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Stephen Mullennix is SolarReserve’s Senior Vice President of Operations. Mullennix directs the company’s efforts in asset management, corporate development and company operations. His involvement with SolarReserve began prior to company formation in his role at US Renewables Group. Mullennix brings 19 years of experience in the infrastructure and energy industries to his role. Throughout his career, Mullennix has worked in concert with financial and technical teams to commercialize breakthrough first-of-its-kind technologies in complex industries. He has held senior positions in numerous successful infrastructure companies across the energy, engineering design services and wastewater sectors. Mullennix has negotiated numerous capital raises, investments, divestitures and project arrangements including joint ventures, power purchase agreements, EPC contracts, technology supply agreements, fuel contracts and O&M contracts. Mullennix has led asset management activities and provided oversight of a myriad of projects spanning solar and other renewable energy sectors, as well as transportation, facilities and water/wastewater industries.

Mullennix joined SolarReserve from US Renewables Group, the founding investor in SolarReserve, where he was a Managing Director. He was actively involved in the initial founding of SolarReserve and has worked with the management team and the company’s investors since inception in 2007. Additionally, Mullennix successfully led the acquisition, management and disposition of multiple investments in US Renewable Group’s three investment funds totaling more than $750 million of equity capital. Prior to joining US Renewables Group, Mullennix was Associate Vice President at AECOM Technology Company (NYSE: ACM) where he assisted in closing nine M&A transactions and preparing AECOM for its initial public offering. Mullennix was a Co-Founder of Ennix Incorporated, a family wastewater business which serves small municipalities.

Mullennix earned a Master of Business Administration (with Honors) from the Anderson School at University of California Los Angeles. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economic Geography from Dartmouth College where he graduated Phi Beta Kappa and summa cum laude.

See more at: http://www.solarreserve.com/en/about/management/stephen-mullennix-1#sthash.PFVYYWt8.dpuf